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Throughout my 26 years in practice as a doctor, I've discovered that the most effective patients are those who are well informed and able to apply that knowledge to their lives. I've also found that learning can be entertaining, so I've written books about various health concerns in a novel format. Since obesity is a major concern in our society today, I have begun my initial efforts of teaching others how to live healthier with information about how to achieve weight loss, safely and effectively—for life. In my book A Novel Diet, and within the pages of this site, you can learn:

  • How quick weight loss is harmful, especially for long-term weight loss.
  • Why high-protein diets work for immediate results.
  • How high-protein diets can be detrimental in the long run.
  • Why your metabolism might be too slow, especially from past dieting efforts.
  • How to make your metabolism faster.
  • Why building strength is more important than aerobic exercise for losing weight.
  • How the glycemic advantage (glycemic index) is really about choosing the right carbs.

Other Health Issues and Novels
Presently, the website is geared to diet and nutritional health issues related to A Novel Diet. As other books are published, the dynamics of the website will grow with added information to support what you learn. A Novel Diet (See Books page.) is only the first in a series of books. More novels, filled with helpful information, will be coming soon, such as:

  • A Novel Diet for Teenagers
  • A Novel Approach to Diabetes
  • A Novel Approach to Asthma and Allergies

Each book in the series is a novel that's easy to read. You will be introduced to fictional characters who are composites of real patients, complete with flaws, who struggle with change and are resistant to change, but learn ultimately how to make it happen. They learn how to take those small little steps toward changing behavior that add up to much bigger ones. Through these characters, you will learn how to overcome frequent obstacles for leading a healthier life.

As more books are written, I hope to provide you with valuable and entertaining information about specific chronic illnesses and how you can take better care for yourself.

Other Website Features and Tools for Your Health
I will also be hosting a monthly Blog, and a Meal of the Month section (See Recipes page.), and I will continually update the FAQ (See Questions page.). The Nutritional Information page will provide you with charts and tables useful to developing your own healthy eating habits. You can find a Glycemic Index that I have personally compiled from numerous sources.